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We specialize in top-quality customer care, inbound sales, order-processing, technical support, customer relationship management, chat support and email response. Top brands turn to Virtual Enterprise to deliver a superior customer service experience at various customer touchpoints.

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Inbound Sales

Our customer acquisition professionals are recruited and screened to possess a sales aptitude, and trained to handle virtually any type of inbound hard- or soft-sell sales call. Whether we’re processing catalog orders, selling communication services, taking credit card applications or any other product or service, we embody a sales performance-based culture. We are not your typical script-driven order taking call center, we embrace the natural dialogue and relationship skills necessary to turn every contact opportunity into a sale.

Reservations and Appointment Setting

Appointment scheduling and confirmation, or accepting and processing reservations are sensible outsourcing opportunities for businesses looking to reduce labor-intensive functions and overhead. Virtual Enterprise customer advocates will handle those calls with a positive, upbeat disposition that will leave your customers knowing they have made the right choice and looking forward to their upcoming appointment or reservation. We leverage our same soft sales skills training and sales skillset to allow us to consistently exceed our client expectations on conversions.

Lead Generation and Qualification

Call center lead generation and qualification requires well-designed program stimuli and tactics, as well as strong agent lead qualification and closing skills. Virtual Enterprise offers lead generation programs specifically targeted to your industry and offers 24/7 lead qualification, live call transfers, Internet chat, e-mail and more.


Outbound services include lead generation, customer satisfaction surveys, market research, prospect qualification and customer retention programs. Whether it’s dedicated 24x7x365 live support, seasonal programs, after-hours or overflow — our flexible customer contact solutions will fit your operational needs.

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