3 tips to attract new customers using a Live Answering Service

Posted on January 10, 2017 inBusiness Articles

First Impressions in many cases can make or break your business. Most Often you have only mere moments to make an initial impression on prospective customers and clientele.

Due to the phenomenon of thin slicing, many persons often make lasting judgments of who a person is within a matter of seconds.

They use this impression to see if an individual holds certain qualities that would be helpful when conducting business with them.

To sway those new customers, it is crucial that all their inbound inquiries are handled promptly.

All this can be accomplished when you have Excellent Customer Service.

Customers over the years have become more stringent, when it comes on to customer service, with a ClickFox brand loyalty survey showing that, 48 percent of customers determine their own level of loyalty during the very first business interaction.

It also showed that great customer service determines whether or not customer will decide to do business with you, so your phone presence counts greatly.

If your business possess these factors 1: Knowledgeable representatives, 2: personalized services and 3: courteousness, then you are well on your way.

If you have a live receptionist service answering your calls, then this will either boost your business or flop it. As within a competitive small business arena it is always good to ensure that your are at the peak of your business game.

A regular answering service won’t cut it!

These tips will ensure that for every call your company gets, it is able to reap rewards.

To achieve this you need to:

1: Answer the phone quickly

There is nothing worse than a phone that rings for ages before being answered. This is unprofessional. A business line should really be answered on the 3rd ring. Any less is too quickly, anything more is too much.

2:Put extra thought into personalizing your service and making sure the instructions fit your business. 

Develop and create a professional call script that will help to make your calls feel more personal, when answered by the live agents you employ as they need to reflect your business and provide a seamless transition that the caller is completely unaware of.

 3: Always monitor and check your calls.

This ensures that you are consistent and up to date with how the calls are being handled and to see how they can also be improved upon.

So if you are a small business on a budget, then an answering service that will give you the greatest value for your money is the best way to go.

Always ensure that providing excellent customer service is always your first priority.