There are times when all you really need is a hammer.  There are more sophisticated, and more powerful tools, but sometime all you really need is a hammer.  This can be an important insight as companies consider what conferencing solution they should invest in.  There are certainly good video conferencing solutions from Cisco, Microsoft, Zoom Read the full article

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I use art to tell inspirational stories, share information and motivate others. This creative combination gives persons a new perspective on life and business, as I share from my personal experiences. You will get to experience art-making and creativity as a metaphor for life, growth and development. Life is a beautiful painting, help me to Read the full article

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The easy, cost-effective way to host conference calls. Whether you’re connecting with a colleague or delivering last quarter’s results down the hall, Virtual Enterprise Answering Service Free Conferencing makes it easy for you to host a conference call at any time, anywhere. Simply call 876-960-1004 and we will assign you a free conferencing PIN for Read the full article