AXLe Jamaica Teleconferencing Service

Posted on May 1, 2020 inBusiness Articles

There are times when all you really need is a hammer.  There are more sophisticated, and more powerful tools, but sometime all you really need is a hammer. 

This can be an important insight as companies consider what conferencing solution they should invest in.  There are certainly good video conferencing solutions from Cisco, Microsoft, Zoom and Go2Meeting that will attract your attention.  These can be good choices but are they really the best choice for you.

All these solutions have the same key requirement that should be carefully considered.  All the video solutions require substantial network capability and capacity.  Without adequate network capability video and audio are choppy.  The picture could even lock-up and frustration sets in.  When frustration sets in then technology no matter how flashy gets abandoned.  There is also a consideration for what devices are going to be used to participate.

Video conferencing requires a higher degree of technical capability to establish and support them. The complexity makes for more user calls and more support. So before committing to this type of solution consider who and where your participants are.

An option to consider is simple audio conferencing.  This could have several advantages.  It will work with any phone including cell phones.  No new devices to purchase and no phone data plan charges are required.  The setup and use of audio conferencing is easy and simple.  It also has the unexpected bonus that everyone gets the same consistent experience.  There are no special users who get preferential treatment because they happen to be in the office.  It is the same experience if you are in the office, at home, or in a Kingston parking lot.  Nobody knows if you are still wearing your bunny slippers.  There are options for those that require it to cross-connect your audio conferencing with any of the largest video conference solutions. 

Audio conferencing is well established, reliable and proven.  It can offer the same benefits of reduced travel and improved collaboration as a video solution.  It is also available at affordable prices that are accessible to almost any business. Consider whether the simple solution is better for you.