Jamaica Business Continuity Services As We Brace The Effects Of Covid 19

Posted on March 14, 2020 inBusiness Articles and tagged 24 Hour Call Handling , Message Taking Service


Emergency response call center solutions and disaster recovery answering services can make sure your business stays on track by keeping the lines of communication open with your customers and employees.

We are in epicenter of a Covid19 epidemic, businesses are unprepared for events like this, their customers often are left hung out to dry.

Drastic times call for drastic measures, you’ll be glad you took precautions so you can keep your company on its feet and earn a reputation for reliability. An emergency response answering service can prove invaluable in such moments. That’s why Virtual Enterprise has spent nearly 15 years partnering with businesses large and small to provide disaster recovery call center services. With our team and your crew we can handle any curveball thrown your way.

Business Continuity Services Provided By Virtual Enterprise

24/ Live Telephone Answering Services

Remote Work @ Home Telephone Solutions

Call Conferencing Solutions

Web Based Meeting and Coloration

Emergency and disaster phone answering services are not just beneficial for your customers. Anyone who has tried to manage a team of employees without clear lines of communication before can appreciate how such a service could help. By having a centralized line for employees to call and check in with before heading to the office or store, you’ll ensure that everyone on your staff is on the same page. We’re happy to direct employees as to what to do in case of an emergency, where to report, how to keep in touch and where to pick up their paychecks all based on your protocols.

Since our emergency response call center solutions can be turned on or off based on your requirements, you’ll only pay for the services we provide for you. That kind of flexibility is rare in the administrative world and is especially useful in the face of a disaster. If you’d like to get your service started, want to begin planning for future emergencies, or just have questions about how we can customize a plan for your business, contact us today.