With every passing year, we grow more disappointed by the fact that science fiction hasn’t come true, and we still aren’t riding around in flying cars. But maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what a flying car would actually look like. German startup Volocopter (formerly E-Volo) has been developing drone-like VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) vehicles for the better Read the full article

    I’ll never forget the time an angry customer entered our store and I got it all wrong! It all went very fast in my defense: he walked right into my direction and started to heavily complain about a product my colleague sold to him earlier that week. He was quite verbally aggressive and Read the full article

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW ARE LISTED AS A COURTESY FOR VIRTUAL ENTERPRISE  ANSWERING SERVICE CLIENTS. VEG IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH, NOR DO WE PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR, ANY OF THE PHONE PROVIDERS LISTED HEREIN. Call forwarding is a simple, convenient feature that allows you to redirect your calls to Virtual Answering Service. Many phone Read the full article