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Posted on April 1, 2016 inMedical Articles and tagged HIPAA Services

What is HIPPA and why does it matter?

HIPPA is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996. It is a US law which provides privacy to the medical records of the patients and other health information provided to doctors and hospitals. This law provides the assurance for the safeguard of medical information.  This act was signed into law by the president Bill Clinton in August 1996. HIPPA sets the standards through which we can access and handle the medical records. As a medical officer you should be familiar with all records and the rules and regulations of HIPPA regarding how to practice these rules. This law contains five sections.

  1. The first section of HIPAA act provides the assurance of health for the individuals who lose or quit their job. Group health plans prohibited by HIPAA from not providing coverage to individuals with certain disease and the conditions which already exist.
  2. The second title of HIPAA states to US department of health and human services to create National standards to process transactions of electronic heath safety. It also needs healthcare organizations to process secure access to health data.
  3. The third title of HIPAA includes all the provisions related to tax and the guidelines for medical care.
  4. The fourth title of HIPAA defines reform of health insurance which includes the provision for individuals with already present conditions and those required exclusive coverage.
  5. The HIPAA title five provide changes of life insurance owned by the company and treatment for those whose US citizenship is lost for the purpose of income tax…

As HIPPA is the health insurance portability and accountability act which leads to the set of laws which helps and protect the privacy of the patients and also deals with the personal information of the individual. HIPPA as well as HIPPA HITECH directly apply to the health providers and the health organizations and the business associates.


Benefits Of Dealing With HIPAA Certified Answering Services


HIPAA plays an important role to run a medical business or healthcare business because its major goal is to assure the protection of the health information and to promote high quality health care of an individual. Since HIPPA is introduced healthcare providers who have worked to maintain their records have obliged to take their network security to get patient privacy. HIPPA regulations have been based on practices for security of network which accepted by industry.

If you get your network to HIPPA standards, you will get financial benefits in following ways first to manage risk, if you  manage security risk in a proper way, you can deal with future problems and can take light actions before your system gets compromised. This will cause few losses and fewer amounts of money and time consumed to deal with security breaches when they will occur.  HIPPA regulations have been specially designed so that a number of requirements can be tackled with a single solution. HIPPA is also very important for business continuity as most of the companies who have made a huge investment in security, come to know that their business continuity plan is not sufficient to tackle with a disaster by following HIPPA standards, downtime will reduce and money can be saved in emergency.




A big benefit of HIPPA is that it creates perception of safety. HIPPA is the health research policy and it is beneficial for all individuals of the society. It helps to improve the human health. It basically protects the patients from harm which are involved in research and also preserve their rights. For the success of your business in healthcare or medical field one has to assure first the privacy and accountability of the individuals. To increase the reliability of your medical business it’s necessary to adopt some rules or law. HIPPA assures the privacy of your healthcare business. This healthcare research also helps the individuals by facilitating them to have access to new therapies, improved diagnostics and many other ways to avoid illness and deliver the care. Good and strong health policy makes your medical business more reliable for individuals.


HIPPA also helps in understanding, implementation and training for the staff. While adopting a law in your healthcare business it’s easy to follow the rules and make your make your medical field more reliable The most common ways for clients in an answering service are text messages, emails, live, recordings, fax and page but according to HIPPA standards they are not considered as safe and secure. So that we have developed a proprietary software which allows us to follow HIPPA and be HIPPA compliant with providing healthcare and medical answering service clients with easy ways to retrieve their messages. HIPPA messaging software is secure and it’s a web based application that putout encrypted data between operator of the answering service and clients.


Messaging Security


It’s necessary to secure the messaging process of HIPPA compliant. Following are the points which should be in mind while securing the messaging process, once a call of the HIPPA compliant client taken by the agent then it creates the message, secure message service is activated and our client will receive a text or email informing them “you have a new safe message received”, then the client log into the web portal and see messages, it can be done through a desktop computer or it can be done through mobile device also. As a good repudiated answering service it is our aim to make you comfortable and to make it easy to work with us. This portal and messaging service is very much secure and it is very easy to work with, and clients will definitely understand that we have tried our best and we have interests from heart to do all this. There are many benefits related with HIPPA compliant answering service. When you have to visit a doctor’s office you will definitely try to find a medical answering service, it will be like HIPPA compliant in order to make your patients information secure.


The communications which will go on between patients and the medical answering service will definitely follow the guide lines set by HIPPA in order to recognize it a well known medical practice which is operating in accordance to the HIPPA law. There are number of services that medical answering service can provide you. if you need to make yourself secure by creating personal web portal, a medical answering service can surely will help you to provide all these things as safe and according to HIPPA compliant way to carry the messages between you and the answering service. A medical answering service will provide you the immediate response according to your queries it will increase the reliability of your answering service in your patients eyes because whenever they will try to approach you they will get a positive attitude from your service.


What Patients Should Know


Patients should know about their care takers e.g nurses, physician and their medical professionals who are taking care of them and have a commitment to make them feel better as patients. Another positive aspect of adopting a HIPPA compliant medical service is that all the medical professionals whom are dealing with your patient’s sensitive information will be trained and educated in reference to HIPPA compliance. The answering service can also save time as most of the routine details and questions about the queries of office time. If you find a trusted medical answering service it will help you to stay in order.

Virtual Enterprise  HIPAA Compliant Answering Service can field your incoming medical calls 24/7.The information given by our service agents  are reliable and you can rest assured that you are in good hands.