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Call patching … also known as live transfer or warm transfer. Call patching is initiated when our live operators answer your calls, we will put the caller on hold and try to reach you. If you are available  to take the call, we will “patch / transfer” the call  to you. Call patching  generally incur Read the full article

. The main difference between management and leadership is that, in management you have people to work for you, while in leadership; you have people to follow your commands. ; Management is a combination of planning, budgeting and monitoring the aspects in the work place. It is very easy to infer that the combination of Read the full article

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A person who starts his business on a small scale might want to compete in the international market by expanding his business globally since it greatly helps enhance the person’s sales and profits. ; Competition on domestic level rises since you find less expensive suppliers. Expanding your business globally stabilizes seasonal fluctuations in the market, Read the full article